How to make a Scarecrow

If you're thinking about entering the Rose Queen Scarecrow competition, but aren't sure where to start - here's a few top tips to help you create a straw masterpiece for this year's event. You don't need much - a few bits of wood, some string and dig out those clothes the kids have out drown or the old items that don't fit any more.

What you need is:

- Old clothes (trousers, shirt, hat and gloves)
- Plain old t-shirt (for the head)
- String
- Newspaper or straw
- Two bits of wood around a 1-1.5 meters (you can use branches too)

Make The Scarecrow

First up, carefully tie your two pieces of wood together in a T shape. Wind the string around the join to make it nice a tight.

For the head, tie (or sew if you're feeling adventurous) up the arms and head holes - then stuff with newspaper or straw and shape into a ball. Tie up the bottom of the t-shirt with string - leaving a small gap for the stake.

For the Body, put the shirt on your frame and tie up the arms and bottom of the shirt. Then stuff with newspaper or straw. Then do the same with the trousers - tie up the bottom of both legs, and stuff them with your filling of choice. Then insert the vertical stake into one of the trouser legs and attach the top of the trousers to the bottom of the shirt.

Next up - attach the head - insert the top of the stake into the hole you left in the head - and tie it up tight.

Finally - add some flare... pop on a hat, add some gloves and give you scarecrow a funny face.

Don't forget to let us know about your scarecrow on the entry page here

If you're feeling adventurous why not use an old fancy dress costume to make a superhero or princess scarecrow!

And if you fancy making a very durable scarecrow - check out the frame design below...

pile of scarecrow
pile of scarecrow