Rose Queen Themes Through the Years

It's nearly time to select the theme for the 2019 Thelwall Rose Queen!

This year, for the first time every the theme will be selected by the community of Thelwall. Later this year we'll be adding a poll to the website giving you the chance to choose the theme for next year.

But first... we though we'd go through some of the themes from previous years including some of the float names the accompanied them.

Inn Names (2018, 1971)
The Farmers Arms/The Church Green/The Unicorn/The Buccaneer/Pendle Witches/The Mad Hatter

The Circus (2017 & 1998)
Lion Tamers/Performing Horses/Acrobats/Jugglers/Magicians/The Band

Things Beginning With ‘T’ (2016)
Tarzan/Thomas The Tank Engine/Trekking/Trans Pennine Trail/Toys

Book Characters/Book Titles (2015 & 1986)
Jungle Book/The Gruffalo/The Hungry Caterpillar/Winnie The Pooh/Where’s Wally?

Gold (2014)

Food From Around The World (2013)
Caribbean/Italian/Fairtrade/Mexican/Afternoon Tea/Ghana Chocolate

Sixty Years Of The Queen’s Reign (2012) 

Cartoons (2011)
The Sword In The Stone/Hello Kitty/Scooby Doo/Mickey Mouse/Ben 10

Advertisements (2010 & 1982)
Bassett’s Allsorts/Instant Mash/Coca-Cola/Fairtrade/118118/Virgin Airways

Musicals (2009 & 1991)
Cats/Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs/Mary Poppins/Oliver!/The Lion King/Mamma Mia

A Night At The Oscars/Film Titles (2008 & 1978)
The King And I/Finding Nemo/Pirates Of the Caribbean/Ghost Busters/The Wizard Of Oz/Star Wars

Dance Through The Ages (2007)
Flamenco/Line Dancing/Hula Hula/Rock ‘n’ Roll/Charleston/Can-Can

Cities (2006)
Cairo/London/Lost City Of Atlantis/Toytown/Tokyo/Paris/Nottingham/Las Vegas

Classic TV/Television (2005 & 1969)
Batman And Robin/Watch With Mother/Magic Roundabout/Smurfs/’Allo ‘Allo/Thunderbirds/Dr. Who

Myths And Legends (2004)
Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Camelot, Jason And The Argonauts, Loch Ness Monster

Hobbies (2003)
Arts And Crafts/Shopping/Skateboarding/Martial Arts/Watching Movies/Performing Arts

Fifty Years Of The Queen’s Reign (2002)

The Year/What’s In A Year/Events In A Year (2001 & 1987)
Chinese New Year/Christmas/Birthday/The London Marathon/The Boat Race

1000 Years Of History (2000)

Leisure Pursuits (1999)
Line Dancing/Dragon Boat Racing/Fly Fishing/Board Games/Rugby

The High Street (1997)
Toy Shop/Post Office/Church/Wine Bar/Sweet Shop/Library/Coffee Shop/Hairdresser

Entertainment (1996)
Party Time/Good Morning Campers/Disneyland/Come To The Fair/Nursery Rhymes

Public Services (1995)
Parks And Leisure/The Library/Mountain Rescue/Lifeboat Service/Refuse Collection/NHS

Inventions (1994)
Trains/Timepiece/Canals/Davy Lamp/Disposable Nappies/Great British Tea Break

150 Years Of All Saints’ Church (1993)

Fairy Tales (1992)
Peter Pan/Snow White/Hansel And Gretel/Jack And The Beanstalk/The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

Saints (1990)
St. Valentine/St. Bernard/St. Moritz/St. Trinians/Saints-Greavsie/St. Clement/St. Elsewhere

Silver (1989)

Firsts (1988)
First Day Of the Sales/First day Of May/First Aid/My First ABC/First Woman

Roses/Names Of Roses (1985 & 1970)
Joseph’s Coat/Blessings/Arabian Nights/Trumpeter/Bobby Charlton/Schoogirl/Masquerade/Geisha

Indoor Games (1984)
Playing Cards/Monopoly/Bingo/Happy Families/Operation/Ice Hockey/Operation/Playpeople

Occupations (1983)
Astronauts/Jockeys/Hairdressers/Farmers/Fashion Models/Chefs And Cooks/Circus Performers

Shakespeare/Shakespearean Plays (1981)
Midsummer Night’s Dream/The Tempest/Macbeth/Comedy Of Errors/Romeo And Juliet/Hamlet

Proverbs (1980)
When In Rome/While The Cats Away/Too Many Cooks/Don’t Count Your Chickens

Nursery Rhymes (1979)
Mary Mary/Wee Willie Winkie/Grand Old Duke Of York/Oranges And Lemons/Hey Diddle Diddle

Kings And Queens Of Britain (1977)
Elizabeth I/King Arthur/Queen Boadicea/King Canute/Henry VIII/Charles I/William The Conquerer

Song Titles (1976)
Over The Rainbow/Daisy, Daisy/Yellow Submarine/Good Ship Lollipop/Summer Holiday

Pageant Of Nations/Countries (1974)
Denmark/Spain/Switzerland/Mexico/Japan/Canada/United Arab Republic/France

Thelwall Pageant 923AD – 1973AD (1973)
Mediaeval Banquet/Cottage Witch/Opening Of The Ship Canal/Pickering Arms/Thelwall Old Hall

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